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Finding the right pet
groomers Pembroke Pines

While you can easily do some of your pet’s grooming by yourself at home, there are some grooming activities that require the skills of professional pet groomers. For example, getting fur dye for cats and dogs requires some technical know-how that may be beyond your abilities.

Also, certain breeds of dogs and cats with longer and thicker-coated furs tend to be prone to severely matted and tangled furs, which usually require the services of a professional groomer. So how can you find the right pet groomers Pembroke Pines for your pets? Keep reading to find out.

Do your homework

Start by creating a list of potential groomers. You can do this by asking your vet, friends and family for recommendations. The National Dog Groomers Association website is also an excellent place to look for certified groomers around your area.

If you are using the internet, you can also search for dog grooming services near you. For example, ‘Pet groomers Pembroke Pines. Once you’ve gathered your list of potential groomers, contact each one to make enquiries about their services, the kind of breeds they work with, costs, duration of each grooming session, e. t. c.

Visit the grooming facility

Before you book any appointments, make sure you visit the grooming facility to get a feel of the environment, staff, and equipment. This will help you decide if the facility is the right choice for your pet.

Consider the price

While we would all love to pamper our pets without having to consider the costs, you need to be realistic. Ensure to inquire and compare the various prices of each potential pet grooming facility on your list. Pricing usually depends on a number of factors like; location, the type of service you want (trimmings, washing, fur dyeing e. t. c.), breeds and house calls.

Finding the right pet groomer is vital to keeping your pet healthier and happier, so make sure to do your homework before you make a choice. Ask the right questions and ensure that the groomer’s skills and training are what is right for your pet.

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