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Professional cat grooming-is it really necessary?

A common belief most cat owners have is that cats groom themselves. While cats seemingly lick themselves clean, it doesn’t necessarily constitute grooming. So as a cat owner, it would be best to consider periodically taking your cat to a professional groomer. Below are some situations when hiring a professional cat grooming service might be necessary.

Severely matted fur

With the right grooming tools, you should be able to handle brushing your short-haired cat by yourself at home. However, if your cat’s fur starts to get too long and begins to trap dirt (especially at the backside), it might be time to bring in the professionals. Also, there are some situations where your cat’s fur gets so matted that brushing isn’t enough, and you might need a professional pet groomer to help detangle and trim out knotted fur.

Cat grooming near me- no need for salon visits

Cats are territorial by nature and may not like travelling, so instead of struggling to do the grooming yourself, why not let the groomer come to you. You can search for ‘cat grooming near me to find cat groomers who offer mobile grooming services.

Health check

Another reason why you should consider professional cat grooming is that the groomers will check your cat for any signs that may indicate parasites (ticks and fleas), infections (ear), diseases, and injury.

Stress-free nail trimming

Cats love to scratch; be it furniture, surfaces or even your face, and overly long nails can also make walking around uncomfortable for them. Nail trimming for cats can be tricky, especially if your cat is a feisty one, so if you can’t do it yourself, your best bet would be to hire a professional groomer.

Professional cat grooming is highly beneficial to your cat’s overall well-being, so take the step and search for ‘cat grooming near me’ to transform the appearance and health of your cat today.

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